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Heaven's Essence is a wave based twin stick shooter. The power of a newly created god flows through you, Raldir, as you attempt to protect the universe from evil demons who wish to devour you and everything else they can! Grow in power by in turn stealing the enemies' souls and make yourself an even more powerful deity!

Playable with keyboard and mouse, XBox 360, and PS4 controllers. If you experience any problems or bugs please let us know at ripharambestudios@gmail.com. Enjoy!

Install instructions

Download one of the zip files (the one compatible to your OS*), and extract the contents. Once extracted run the unity .exe file and have fun!

*Currently not available for Mac, but will be soon


Heaven's Essence 1.0 64 bit 15 MB
Heaven's Essence 1.0 32 bit 14 MB

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